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N97 vs iPhone – Does Luke Warm N97 Sales Volumes Provide Clues On Its Future ?

N97 vs iPhone – Who Comes Out Better ?

A couple of days ago we put the N97 vs 5800 and today it’s the turn of the almighty iPhone. Once again, it’s difficult to do a true head-to-head as we don’t have both handsets. So for now, it’s mainly based on theory and announced specs of the N97. We’ve trawled through other blogs and most of the N97 vs iPhone comparisons we’ve found have been somewhat biased, mostly coming from other N97 fan sites, the specs compared were very selective, in the N97’s favor. Now we’re already big fans of the N97, but we want to keep these head-to-heads fair, well as fair as we can without having the N97 in our hands. So lets see how some of the main “hardware” specs of the N97 compare with the iPhone 3G. Firmware of course can change. I don’t agree with those blogs who opted to use “SMS forwarding” as a spec comparison, especially as it’s likely to come in iPhone 3.0 firmware. Looking at the specs, we can see the N97 excels in a couple of n97 nokiamain areas, the most obvious being the camera. Not only is it more than double the resolution, but it features a duel LED and autofocus as well as capable of recording video at 30FPS. Another notable advantage of the N97 is it’s staggering storage capacity, which we believe can be up to 64GB with the aid of a 32GB microSD card. The iPhone though, features a capacitive rather than resistive screen, which allows for multi touch gestures and a more accurate “touch”. But looking beyond the specs, the iPhone excels in a number of area’s. The first being the app store, it’s incredible, never has it been so easy to download mobile content and the developer support is unrivaled. And let’s not look past the fact the iPhone is a brilliant gaming device in it’s own right. Sure Nokia will have the OVI store which is set to attempt to replicate Apples success, but whether they manage or not, is yet to be seen. Lets also keep in mind that the N97 is set for a June release, and by our estimates a new generation iPhone is due, which could really shake things up. As I keep saying, the real test won’t come until I have an N97 in my hands. Nokia, accept this as an official invitation to send us an N97 to test drive! Here at n97Geeks we buy a lot of gadgets and stuff from Accessory geeks and they sent us some cool coupon codes to distribute to you. And npw we keep getting asked to post more deals so we will get you all the top coupon offers and deals and share them on the homepage for you

News on N97 Sales Volumes

Nokia continues to be the clear leader with over 45% of the worldwide smartphone market as of their second quarter of 2009 sales shows, yet a majority of that share is for the lower end model and not necessarily the Nseries or Eseries devices. Apple also showed a HUGE increase of 10.5% up to the current 13.3%. RIM is in second behind Nokia at 18.7%, but Nokia still can’t rest at its lionshare of the market as smartphones gain momentum. A rather disappointing part of the report states: Nokia maintained its leadership position, but its portfolio remained heavily skewed toward low-end devices.Quoting from an industry source we have the following about its sales data “Its flagship high-end N97 smartphone met luke warm sales enthusiasm at its launch in the second quarter of 2009 and has only sold just 500,000 units in the channel since it started to ship in June, compared to Apple’s iPhone 3G S, which sold 1 million units in its first weekend.” We think with sales volume data at these levels smartphones are starting to take over already as the numbers dont lie . Watch this space in the coming years but the N97 sales volumes of old maybe gone forever

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