Different Alternatives To Quick books

What Are Some Great Quick books Alternatives ?

Here at N97 Geeks we have been in business along time and recently had a bad experience with Quick books so decided it was time to do some research and post our views and thoughts for you all to read . I do know from conversation I have with some of you that Quick books is what you all use but read this and be surprised to say the least by a few alternative options you can now use ….

When any business is started, its core purpose is to make money. The businesses on the larger scale do have the accounting and finance departments which do compute their incomes and expenditures and book them properly. But the small businesses do not have enough resources to make a complete department for their book keeping needs. So, how they can book keep their transactions properly and with minimal cost. The best of the online accounting soft wares is the “QuickBooks”. But many other online accounting soft wares are also available in the markets which are the best substitutes of the quick books. But first, it is important to know that what are the benefits of all these accounting soft wares available in the market:

1- The most important feature of these soft wares is that these are most user friendly as anyone with very little know how of accounting can use these in a very effective manner. Here, information from bank statements and invoices are automatically posted to the respective accounts.

2- Security is the most important feature of these soft wares as these all are online and only fool proof security satisfied the customers that their financial data or books of accounts will not be compromised.

3- As these accounting soft wares are online, so there is no any chance of the loss of data due to the destruction or loss of your Pc or storage device,

4- Due to the availability of these soft wares online, you don’t need to be at some specific place or using some specific computer to access these. You can enter your data by accessing these from anywhere in the world or you can give the access of your software to any freelancer if you want to outsource your book keeping.

5- These soft wares produce invoices, payroll sheets, productivity reports, financial statements and etc very easily and efficiently,

6- These are very cheap, easy to use and safe if compared to the ordinary or other traditional accounting software.

With the Quick books leading the list of the online accounting soft ware’s, there are many other options available which do have much more features and even cheaper than the former like Fresh Books, Xero, Zoho Books, Saasu Free agent and etc. These all the accounting softwares named above do have some great features which will be explained one by one below:

Fresh Books:

It is a cloud based online accounting software available for the small and medium scale business and will be available for the large scale businesses very soon. It can be used on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Web-based and Mobile Web App. Its starting price is $15/month and you can first try it out for some time for free as the company is also giving its trail period to the users. Some of the best contemporary features of this software are as follows:

1- It do get connects to your bank statements like many of the other accounting softwares and helps you to post your transactions to their respective accounts automatically,

2- It prepares the online invoices which can be custom made as according to your needs and it also helps you to apply discounts to your invoices and etc,

3- It tracks the time and took attendance of your employees and even produce attendance sheets on any given day,

4- It can do the automatic tax collections for which traditionally you have to pay hefty amounts to the tax professionals and have to provide your data to them,

5- It can produce the profit and loss statements and other respective reports automatically at any given date or time as you don’t need to process all the transactions of your business to know the position of your business,

6- Other great features of the Fresh Books includes, Automatic credit card processing, expense tracking, Electronic payments, time tracking, time sheet management, late payment reminders, Personalized thank you emails, Reminders and late fees, request deposits, file sharing, Client relationship feed, contact management, email invitations and reminders and etc.

The above stated features are some of the features which are being offered by the Fresh books. There are so many other things which you can do with the help of this accounting software. This software is currently available in Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.


This is one of the best alternatives of the QuickBooks these days and is in high demand among the professionals and small business owners. It’s online software so it can be used from anywhere and from any device. It can be used through the Personal Computers, i Pad, i phone, android phones, tablets and IOs systems. The key features of this fabulous accounting software are as follows:

1- It is a clod based accounting software so the probability of losing your date due to the loss of your gadget or the destruction of the storage media is absolute zero and as well as it does have a fabulous security features which do not allow any person to hack your important financial data and accounts,

2- You can use this online accounting software from any part of the world or give any other person access to your account in case you want to outsource,

3- It does generates the automatic recurring invoices and it updates you when these invoices are opened and does have the feature which enables you to attach your bank accounts to the “Xero” and after that you don’t have to do anything as it will post your incomes and expenses to their respective accounts or heads. This is the great feature as it saves you from the hassle of manually feeding your bank accounts and then post the entries to their respective accounts,

4- It is one of the best Inventory management softwares as well. It has many features which organizes your inventory in your way of preference and you don’t need to worry about the inventory any more,

5- It also enables the clients which are doing businesses with different people from different countries to reconcile their foreign currency accounts as the exchange rates are updated every hour.

This software has all the features which are necessary for today’s book keeping needs. It starts from $15/month which is nothing if compared to its features.

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