N97 v12 FW hits UK Shores
Written by mbrett   
Monday, 28 September 2009 12:17

If you have a UK unbranded N97 (product code 0585162) you should be able to upgrade to v12 FOTA. According to Navifirm the UK Vodafone version is also available. This does not show for FOTA at present so will probably require a PC and Software Update.

Neither show on the Nokia " Can I Update" pages as yet, but people are downloading and installing as I type.

I should note that, after seeing a few peoples comments post update, with this latest UK v12 FW. Some people have lost there destinations after updating Over The Air. These people have also lost the ability to connect or set-up WiFi connections any more. I know of one person who has updated via NSU and a PC and lost his Destinations, but was able to set them up again and still has WiFi. There has also been an issue seen when v12 originally released relating to a phone crash post update, but this was resolved in most cases by removing and re-inserting the battery. I will be seeing if I can update later this evening when I have access to a PC with NSU installed.

This late release of v12 FW for the UK does have many of us worried as to if we will have to wait for this degree of time to get our hands on v20 after it has released for the rest of the world. Hopefully not.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 October 2009 06:59
Vodafone Access Gateway [UPDATE]
Written by mbrett   
Saturday, 19 September 2009 12:38

Just got my hands on a Vodafone Access Gateway.

Vodafone Access Gateway

The Vodafone Access Gateway service gives you a great 3G signal throughout your home, no matter where you live. All you need is a broadband line (1.5MB minimum requirement) and the Gateway - a clever little box that's simple to install (all you need is a spare Main Socket and a spare ethernet connection on your Broadband Modem/Router).

You can even connect family and friends to the Gateway (Up to 32 numbers can be connected), as long as they're with Vodafone. And up to four people can use it at once. So everyone gets the same great signal.

The set-up is simple, but it is limited to single location use which is a bit of a pitty as they require the post code location and floor o the building in which it will be used. They say this information is required to ensure a better service. I accept this whn it come to the postcode, but the floor of the building seems a little extreme. They'll be asking what room it's in and which wall it's agains next.

I'll post more after I've had the chance to use it for a little while.


I've had the Gateway up and running for over a day now and must say it is a marvelous invention. Prior to set-up I was looking to have any reception adn now I have full 3.5G reception all of the time at home. It has also dawned on me that this device will also extend battery life at home as when you have poor reception your phone will be searchiong for a netwrok which drains power, whereas with the Gateway you always have full coverage, meaning that the phone does not have to use up vital power searching. This comes as an additional bonus.

Another useful nugget of information is that the Gateway service comes with it's own dedicated Vodafone contact number rather than the default 08700 700191, meaning that you can get throught to a physical member of staff a lot quicker. In fact my first phone call to the Gateway number put me straight through to a memeber of staff with no automated service at all. One thing to note is that once initial set-up is complete the only way in which you can add or remove mobile numbers to your Gateway is to phone the Gateway service as there is no web-based system for doing this at present. I did find this a bit of a pitty, but whilst the phone service is as good as it is I won't loose any sleep over it. The final point I would like to make that it appears that as this is a 3G Gateway mobile phones that do not support 3G will not be able to make use of this device and a re forced to continue to use the standard network coverage available in your area.

All in all, in my experience, if you are in a poor reception area this is a must have device, as long as you have a spare £160 or can find £5 per month until you haev paid over you £160 as you will never have to worry about reception when with this device (As long as you have a broadband connection wether this be via a BT phone-line or cable). I would also suggest one of these to anyone with reasonable network coverage, which can be temperamental as this gives you guaranteeed reception all of the time, when in the location where it is set-up.

Last Updated on Monday, 28 September 2009 14:18
SBSH FExplorer Pro Released
Written by mbrett   
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 15:50

The long awaited update to FExplorer has finally released. Having been slowly but surely gathering dust over time, FExplorer has finally shaken off the dust and risen it's head again to re-enter the S60 File Manager market, ready to again compete with the likes of Active File, Y-Browser and X-plore.

On it's return it is is now packaged with a few exta bit's of functionality and SBSH have given it a modular structure enabling them to release updates to specific sections of the app as well as adding new modules in the future. It will put you back $9.95 more than ActiveFile or Y-Browser, but less than X-plore, which comes in at $11.66 (8 Euros).

The main features of FExplorer Pro are:

  • Robust file explorer
  • File search
  • ZIP files support!
  • Image viewer
  • File editor (text and binary!)
  • Hidden folders support
  • Screen capture tool
  • Memory defragment
  • Development utilities
  • Phone info (IMEI, firmware etc.)
  • Network info (cell ID, network info etc.)
  • Much more!
  • Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds pretty promising.

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 September 2009 16:20
    Dual Sim Comes to the N97
    Written by mbrett   
    Sunday, 13 September 2009 15:29

    For all of you N97 users out there with two mobile phones, one of which is a Nokia N97 Simore have developed the answer in the form of the Dual Sim Holder Platinum 3G for N97.

    The video below shows it's use:

    Dual Sim Holder Platinum 3G Nokia N97 from Dual SIM Simore on Vimeo.

    Main Features



  • Integrate 2 SIM cards in your mobile
  • Certified ISO - 7816
  • Compatible with both GSM and 3G mobile
  • Multi-language menu (ENG-FRE-GER-ITA-SPA)
  • Manual switch
  • Automatic switch (flexible duration)
  • Name and display the active SIM card
  • Protected internal memory
  • Secret agenda secured by a password
  • Secret directory secured by a password
  • Send and receive encrypted SMS
  • Secured storage of encrypted SMS
  • Support GSM network
  • Support GPRS network
  • Support EDGE network
  • Support CDMA network
  • Support UMTS - 3G network
  • Support WCDMA network
  • Support HSDPA network
  • Shortcut function

    For more information head over to the Simore Dual Sim Holder Platinum webpage.

    I tried a much simpler dual sim holder many years ago in my Nokia 8800, but they've come a long way since then. This one fits into the space of a standard sim card. The only thing is that you have to cut up your sim cards (adhesive templates are supplied with the holder) to fit them into the Dual sim holder. I suppose it was either that or to re-define the laws of physics and cutting up your sims is a much simpler option.

    Though it might seem scary to cut up those SIM cards, this device seems like it'll do the trick nicely; check out the Orange shop on the web to find out more about this process.

    Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 October 2011 11:41
    OVI Maps GUI Redesigned
    Written by mbrett   
    Saturday, 05 September 2009 12:56
    If you are happy to run Beta software on your N97 head over to OVI Maps Beta on Nokia Betalabs.

    It has a completely revamped GUI, intended to be more Touch interface compatible. It starts a great deal faster and sports new Michelin, Lonely Planet and local event guides and adds a "Take me home" option.

    It is a pitty that the multi-point route options are removed. The only workaround for this is to create a route to a single point and then select "Options", "Route Points" and "Add new route point". The only problem with this is that aditional points must be based on POIs, but this is better than nothing

    In this new version of Maps changing Navigation screen views is now acheived by swiping across the screen left or right which makes life a lot easier.

    In my opinion it is an impressive improvement of the application. If only the GPS fix quality issue had been rectified, but this is still a little eratic.

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