How To Hack Mobile Phones Using Norton Security Software
Written by Paul   
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 22:27

Symbian Phone Hack Via Norton Anti Virus Software

Personally, I still feel bad for Symbian owners who still can't have complete control over their own device. They're unable to get everything they paid for, due to the following errors whenever they try to install apps:
- Unable to Install a Protected Application from Entrusted Supplier
- Expired Certificate
- Certificate May Not Be Valid
- Unable to Install, or Constrained by the Certificate
- Certificate Error, Contact the Application Supplier
- And many other errors involving the inability to install the application or lacking the correct permissions.

These errors mean you'll need to hack your own phone before you can actually install any applications. Applications that you've paid for and actually use. Luckily, hacking won't actually damage a phone as long as you do it right. Before you start, make certain you've uninstalled any anti-virus program of any type. When you're done with the procedure, you may reinstall them should you wish.
- First Download and then Install Norton Anti Virus software , Get the most updated version to prevent Ransomware attacked like wannacry , you can get coupons for Norton Security from my friends at here. We sometimes posts coupons and deals for various products on this site ourselves
- Find, Download, and Install X-Plore
- Find and Download Rom Patcher Plus 3.1, then Install
- Download and Save the program Install Server
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Step by Step Instructions

First, open Norton Symbian Hack. Once you have the program open, click on Options, followed by Anti-Virus, Quarantine List, Option again, followed by Restore and then Accept. Once you've gone through that process, simply exit the application.

At this point, you'll need to go to Application Manager. Delete the program titled "Symantec Symbian Hack". Learn More about Symbian here

Once you've got that taken care of, go to X-Plore and then delete the C:/shared/folder folder.

Once that's done, launch Rom Patcher Plus 3.1. Inside the program window, select the All Patches option, and then click Apply followed by Restore. This should give you full access to the file system as well as the ability to install all the applications.

Finally, open Installserver.exe from the file. This was the file you downloaded and saved but didn't install. You should also use the Symbian Device List in order to determine which installserver is the appropriate one for your phone.

Congratulations! Your phone is now hacked, and you can actually use it!
If you have a Symbian phone but are uncertain as to which OS is installed, it's absolutely vital you find that information before you start. Otherwise, you may cause system damage to your phone.

In order to discover what OS your Symbian phone has, you'll need to find a list of Symbian phones. Once you find that list, you'll be able to check the manufacturer's information. That should be able to tell you what your OS is, so you can choose the proper installserver.

Give it a try. Whether it works or not, leave us feedback about your experience. We're here to help you, and we want to hear what works and what doesn't. If you're unable to find your Symbian phone on the above list, then you'll need to try a different procedure. Without your feedback, we'll be unable to figure out how to put that together.

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